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We are proud to announce that we are now ready to provide Telemedicine (Video visit) services! If you are unable to go into the clinic to be evaluated, we are now able to provide virtual "face-to-face" office visits with one of our providers. This way you can still be evaluated remotely at your home or wherever you happen to be in North Dakota. Especially now with the recommendations for social distancing and Coronavirus fears, this is an option to still have your medical care addressed. Possible conditions that can be treated include:


*Minor burns


*Minor Asthma flareups


*Bug bites

*Chronic care management

*Anxiety & Depression

*Cold/Canker sores

*Skin infections

*Review lab test results

*Pink eye

*Bladder infections

Please call our clinic at 701-534-0109 to set up a "Virtual clinic visit" time. You will need internet service using a cell phone, laptop, desktop computer with camera, etc in order to have this "Face-to-Face" Telemedicine visit. *Since this is a new service for you and for us, please bear with us with any possible "glitches" that may occur during the visit. 

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