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We Treat the Following:

  • Numerous infections including ear, bladder, sinus, bronchitis, strep throat, etc.

  • Minor injuries including sprains & strains (wrist, ankle, fingers, etc.).

  • Repair of minor lacerations.

  • Wound infections.

  • Punch biopsies.

  • Wart & skin tag removal.

  • Ear cleaning.

  • Rashes.

  • Minor burns.

  • STD testing/treatment.

  • Anxiety/Depression.

  • Bowel Irregularities.

  • Fatigue.

  • Non-Narcotic pain management.

  • Sports Physicals.

  • Camp Physicals.

  • Employment Physicals.

  • Yearly Physicals.

  • DOT physicals (by appointment only).

  • Primary care services are available.

     ***Convenience care clinic – No appointments necessary but are PREFERRED to help shorten your wait time***

        ***Self pay and most insurances accepted***

Our Approach:

Our goal is to provide convenient medical services to treat the unexpected minor medical conditions that may come up. PRIMARY CARE services are also available to help treat chronic medical conditions. 

Too often we are treating the aftereffects of poor lifestyle choices. By treating your body properly now, will lead to a more healthy, enjoyable life in the "Golden Years". We offer one on one consultations to see what your health concerns are. We then customize a wellness plan for you. This may also include NutraMetrix/Isotonix supplements to help you achieve your optimal level of health.

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