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Gene SNP Analysis

How Genetics Play a Role in Your Health:

When it comes to your health, the answers are in your genes. Now you have the tool that gives you those answers. Now you have the nutraMetrix(R) Gene SNP(T) DNA Analysis Program.

Your DNA tells a story. With the nutraMetrix(R) Gene SNP(T) DNA Analysis, you can gain insight into your genetics and how they impact your health. You may simply want to know what role your genetics play in your digestive health, how well your body copes with the stress of physical activity; how environmental factors affect your body and uncover how your genetics and lifestyle impact your health.

Gene SNP delivers answers exclusively tailored to YOU, YOUR body, and YOUR lifestyle. You have the tool; use it! No more guesswork; get the facts - nutraMetrix(R) Gene SNP(T) DNA Analysis.

What is Included:

The initial session is to explain exactly what Gene SNP is. If you elect to proceed, it involves a simple mouth swab of the saliva on your inner cheek. The two follow-up educational sessions will be scheduled once the Gene SNP Analysis arrives - typically within 2 weeks. This will allow me to review your analysis results and the suggested supplements. The initial session, two follow-up sessions and 10% off a year's supply of the suggested supplements are included in the Gene SNP pricing!

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